"Our five year older Border Terrier Fen has had a deep rooted fear of bicycles since a puppy and this we believe has resulted in him being extremely nervous in public places, especially parks and high streets.  We tried to expose him to these types of locations as much as we could over the years but it has always been stressful for us to watch him experience these panic attacks.  Karen offered to help Fen to see if she could try to make life more tolerable for him.


She started in the high street suggesting we should try to keep as relaxed as possible and to talk and reassure him as we went along, as this may in turn help Fen to relax, and this did seem to improve things.


We then tried to combat Fen’s fear of bicycles (in an outside controlled environment) by letting him observe one at distance and then gradually bringing it closer to him until he was actually walking alongside it in a calm manner.


We now, thanks to Karen’s help and advice, take Fen more regularly to the high street and he has now become a popular visitor in the local coffee shop".

Stephenie and Mark Stone (Owners of Fen the Border Terrier)


"We have made real progress in the last couple of months and it has all been about breaking Missy's routine.  She can now be left by either myself or Steve when we both go out together and not howl down the house!  It has been a long process but I feel like we have finally got there - big thanks to Karen for all her help".

Jen Burton (Owner of Missy the Miniature Daschund)

"I have worked with Karen for the last 5.5 years and she has a brilliant understanding of dogs.  I would highly recommend The Crate Escape to help you help your dog live a happier, calmer life". 

Cath Lumley (Owner of Dogtopia Pet Services)

"Karen was very reassuring when we first got Senna, anything we were unsure of she put our mind at ease.  We would like to Thank Karen for all her help.  Would Recommend".
Fleur Bradley (Owner of Senna the Husky)

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