Basic Puppy Training:

Basic puppy training is a good foundation for your puppy if you are looking to enrol in a training class at some stage.  The training is available to any puppy(ies) from 12 weeks to 24 weeks old.  I will visit with you and your puppy(ies) in your home for 2 hours and assist you with the following:


* Basic commands, such as sit, stay, wait and down;

* Come when called (recall);

* Walk on a loose lead, without pulling;

* Acceptance of people near to food bowls, toys and chews;

* Social acceptance of humans and other puppies/dogs;

* Greeting people without jumping up at them;

* Crate training (if required).


More than one session will most likely be required if you wish to cover all of these.  The progress of the training will depend upon your puppy's responses and your persistence with the training following my visit.  Remember, just like humans, each puppy is unique.


If you have a dog with training needs outside of this age range, then please contact me to discuss further. 


The price of basic puppy training is £50.00.


Additional sessions are charged at £15.00 for each 30-minute session.



All consultations and sessions are reward-based.





Two of our dogs Dylan and Lexi as puppies.

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